Our Vision
Creation of world class technology, a self-sustaining center of excellence dedicated to the development of new technology through media, and technology. In 5 years, Remano will be a leading technology and media company in Nigeria with global partnerships providing reliable affordable services Read more
Our Mission
Remano is a technology and media company focused on providing reliable customer service through development of sustainable and reusable technology, whilst empowering its people by providing a creative and innovative environment to promote customer worth. Read more
Our Values
  • People empowerment with a focus on Quality and service
  • Creative people with Innovative thinking
  • Building worth for our customers
  • Reliable and dependable technology
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Protect the quality of the environment
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Our Approach
We tailor our approach to suit every client’s needs and spend time upfront to understand their requirements, challenges and expectations. With a good understanding of